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Like bagels, Pretzels aren't much more than flour, water, yeast and salt. The trick is how you handle the steps to make, shape and cook the dough.  Soft yet crispy, Rolleyholers' soft pretzels have gained notoriety  throughout the NH Seacoast as one of the best around. One bite and you'll be back for more.


When are Pretzels Available?

We make our pretzels in small batches as time allows, with availability from Friday through Sunday.  Once rolled, they require less than 15 minutes to make, so feel free to order online to ensure that a pretzel is waiting for you in our shop.

Freshness is the key to success. Similar to our salt bagels, salted Pretzels are best enjoyed the same day that they are made. Unsalted, they keep in the freezer a very long time, and can be warmed up and salted in your own oven.


Pretzel Shapes

Specialty Flavors

Stuff You Don't See Everyday.


Hearty and Bold Rye

Savor the Flavor and Don't be afraid of the Dark!

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