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1. Can I order over the phone?

We know we're good at getting you out the door quickly, but... We're a small staff, so online ordering is our best friend and savior! If you have questions, feel free to give us a call, but if it's just a sandwich or two, you'll only be waiting a couple minutes. Please do not leave orders on our voicemail, as they will not be accepted.

3. How do I order?

Walk on in and we’ll do our best to get you in and out in less than 5 minutes. Rolleyholers is a small shop with only a few employees trying to run as efficiently as possible, so online ordering saves you the wait and helps us plan ahead to ensure availability and freshness. Unless it is for catering or wholesale we politely ask that you avoid phone orders where possible.

5. Does Rolleyholers offer gluten-free (gf) bagels?

As a 100% scratch bagel and bread bakery, it’s not possible for Rolleyholers to offer Gluten Free products, as wheat flour cross-contamination is inevitable.

7. How do I properly store bagels?

Never put hot or even warm bagels in plastic.When you receive bulk bagels from Rolleyholers, they are often right from the oven, piping hot, which is why we store in baskets and hand them over in paper bags. Only after your bagels have fully cooled should they be transferred to food safe plastic bags, freezer grade for long term storage. Bagels will last up to 3 days on the counter or several months in a freezer. Pre-slicing bagels prior to freezing is not necessary.  To reheat your bagels, allow a few hours (or overnight) for them to thaw before warming them in a 350 F oven for 5 to 6 minutes before slicing. Alternatively, thawed bagels may simply be sliced and toasted

2. Why doesn’t Rolleyholers recommend toasting bagels?

Unlike cafés and sandwich shops that simply reheat frozen bagels, we boil & bake fresh in our shop several times every day. There’s nothing like the experience of a bagel so warm and so soft that it melts the cream cheese. Taste the difference and you’ll never go back.

4. Why aren't all flavors available every day?

Many bagels such as pumpernickel, whole wheat, rye, and our seasonal favorites require a specialty dough; and we just don’t sell enough of them. Since bagel dough can only be held in the cooler for a few days before it “over-rises”, we rotate small batches of flavors until there is enough interest to make them daily offerings.

6. Where are you located?

Perhaps a bit difficult to find at first glance, Rolleyholers is located at 92 Portsmouth Ave (Rt. 108) in Exeter, NH. We are in the same little plaza as New England Pizza, across from Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. Look for the sign that says HOT BAGELS and the big yellow Rolleyholers sign.

8. How is Rolleyholers different?

Cafés, coffee shops and breakfast spots use frozen bagels.They don’t have the equipment, space or time to produce bagels, so they rely on the “next best thing”. Even direct from the greatest NYC bagel shops, freezing bagels drastically changes the taste, texture, and chew. Not only is Rolleyholers is one of the only bagel producers in the region, our “history meets technology” approach to bagel production has allowed us to accurately and consistently replicate the NYC bagel, no Brooklyn water necessary

9. What is Rolleyholers?

Rolleyholers is a 100% scratch NY/NJ style bagel shop: different from the typical café, coffee shop or breakfast spot. While we have seating for 12, most prefer to “grab and go” than sit and enjoy. We offer revolving daily cookies, cakes, pastries, and even pies. As your neighborhood bakery, we’re happy to accommodate custom orders and catering for special events, holiday occasions, and office parties; as the seacoast region’s bakery wholesaler, want to help your café or food truck grow. Kettle boiled bagels may be what makes Rolleyholers unique, but bagels only scratch the surface of who we are.

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