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Welcome to Rolleyholers Ramblings

At Rolleyholers, we want to be more than just a bagel shop... We are more than a bakery; together with you, our customers and friends, we are a community.

We're big on positivity and realism. That means taking ownership of our mistakes and keeping a sense of humility with our successes. I believe that there is no room for ego in this business. Rather than making excuses for our errors, failures and

foul ups, we approach them head on. Rolleyholers is in this for the long run, so if so

mething went wrong, or isn't to your liking, we want (no, need) to know.

I grew up a kid of the 80's, skinny, the youngest in my neighborhood, and had two (COUNT EM, TWO) cowlicks. Suffice to say I was bullied a lot. Luckily Mom taught me early on about about sticks and stones, and I realized quickly that words are just words.

My Point: 1) I look better without hair; 2) You can beat me down and I'll still come back for more; and 3) Don't be afraid of hurting my feelings with criticism.

Your feedback is invaluable to Rolleyholers. It helps us tweak and tune recipes to make the best product for the masses. Be as specific as you can, and if it

's constructive, we're listening. Heck, even the couple of nastygrams we've received get read and considered, and often responded to.

I know I'll never make every customer completely happy - It's a pipe dream. That doesn't stop me from trying to identify, rectify, and satisfy critics. Taste is subjective and we don't want to dictate terms, rather

While I still plan to post primarily of Facebook and Insty, I thought I'd start expanding on some more in-depth thoughts about food, community, #sharethedough, life hacks, work or whatever else is rattling around upstairs. You might even find a recipe or two as we add new content! Check back frequently or look for links in our Facebook feed.

- Bob Weygant

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